Concept Layouts Designed
by our In-house Architect

Large Space

Set up for a maximum interface that can accumulate over 50 employees having a size of 500 sqm and above.

Medium Space

Light filled space for 25-50 employees with office space of 150-500 sqm.

Small Space

Designed for a small group of individuals with a capacity of 5-20 employees and area of 50-150 sqm.

Large Spaces

Large spaces, spanning over 500 sqm and designed to accommodate workforces of 40 to 150, require careful consideration when it comes to selecting furniture.

In such settings, desks and tables need to be chosen with a focus on creating a comfortable workspace.

Medium Spaces

Small Spaces

Small spaces require clever design solutions to maximize functionality and make the most of the available square footage.

By carefully selecting furniture that is multi-functional, modular, or space-saving, small spaces can be transformed into highly efficient and comfortable environments.

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